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Bringing over 30 years of passion, knowledge, and experienceto the beauty industry, Rita Castañeda, President of RC SKIN LABS, combines professional evaluation of skin conditions with “no-nonsense” scientifically based treatments for women men, and teens performed in a meticulous and sanitary surrounding. As a Cosmetologist, licensed esthetician, naturopathic practitioner, and licensed massage therapist, I will help you look your best and succeed in the beauty industry.

“My love for and belief in my profession started in Galeries Lafayette, Paris in 1984, where at the young age of 18, I discovered the latest beauty and skincare products. Since then, my passion has only grown stronger during the past 30 years. I have dedicated and worked in the skincare and beauty industry, and I began my career as a cosmetologist in 1986. I had a series of different business opportunities, among them starting a company of natural products. While having this company, I had the epiphany of becoming a licensed esthetician where I graduated in 2011.”

With my children’s support, who are deeply involved in production and management, RC Skin Labs is starting to impact the skin care and beauty industry. The majority of our customers have been referred through positive “word of mouth” by satisfied customers, friends, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.

Every day I experience the joy of witnessing positive changes in my clients’ personal lives and careers, as well as their self-image, primarily because of the effects of improved facial and body skin complexion. The gratifying changes our clients’ experience are the result of many dedicated years in practice. We will continue to provide exceptional services and products that meet their daily needs.”


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